create my own eyelash brand

create my own eyelash brand

How To Create My Own Eyelash Brand?

Welcome to Madihah Trading, We have compiled the most complete Madihah Lashes’s product knowledge for you, i hope to be useful to you.


You want to choose cheap 3d lashes mink eyelashes, or poor quality 3d real mink eyelashes, your best 3d real mink eyelashes strip business will only be a small business, there will never be a brand, you will never be able to dominate the fashion trend, you will never make money.

Madihah Trading 3d mink lashes try on by kim lee.

“mink 3d lashes try on – mink eyelashes try on – mink lashes try on – Kim Lee – Madihah Lashes”

Madihah Trading private label mink lash suppliers wholesale lash vendors china

 100% real mink hair totally Cruelty Free.

 Make your eyes look bright and attractive.

 Great for party and daily use.

 Can be removed by eye makeup remover.

 Can be reusable for more than 30times if they are used and removed properly.

We supply 6pairs free samples to test, charge $35USD shipping cost.

 OEM & ODM Available.

For More Details, Please Contact Us.

If you are just starting your 3d lashes real mink eyelashes strip for sale business, it is especially important for you to choose the right supplier. Madihah Trading real mink lashes wholesale 3d lashes mink eyelashes are fast-moving products, and everyone has a high sensitivity to new 3d mink lashes wholesale china real mink lashes vendors products and high quality real mink eyelashes strip products. Doing best 3d mink eyelashes business at the beginning selecting the price. The only result of neglecting quality is to end your favorite 3d lashes mink eyelashes at a loss. Have you examined the quality of the 3d mink eyelashes business? if you want to do 3d mink eyelashes business, you must start with the best – selling, best – quality ones.

Madihah Trading real mink lashes wholesale 3d lashes mink eyelashes.

Madihah Trading best 3d siberian mink eyelashes wholesale vendors in china.

However, if you want to go this road, you can always look for mink eyelash manufacturer on Search Google. Not That: step 1. Your should always ask for a sample before placing a big order. Step 2. After received sample you can check the quality properly. if you don’t know how to compare the qulaity, we can tell you how to do now? Your can order a big brand mink lashes, and to compare it. (or Check 1. if it is drop the hair? 2. if it is symmetry? 3. if it is soft band? 4. if it is chemical smell? 5. if the hair top is cut off? 6. if this manufacturer have own designer and have new desing the mink lashes style every month? 7. the important is: Second order, you can order 120 pairs to 240 pairs for one style to test if received the style is different for 120 pairs? How much similarity?)

Madihah Trading Eyelashes certification from intertek.

 Intertek – mink eyelashes vendors – Madihah Trading.

Private label mink lash suppliers or custom eyelash boxes manufacturer. These supplier and manufacturer normally don’t have 3d mink lashes wholesale order quantity requirements (For Example: Welcome To Madihah Trading Lashes, the Mini order quantity is 120pairs each model, however, they are more expensive. because the cost is high during the small quantity, Moreover, Most of mink lash suppliers only have a certain type of eyelashes you can choose from. But we have above 300 mink lashes bulk styles you can choose. Those private label mink lash suppliers know what is hot sells styles and they can help you pick the hot sell product that will definitely sell.

Madihah Trading custom eyelashes packaging box.

1. Mink Eyelashes dropshipping.

This is the most cost effective solution for those you are just starting. If you want to create you own real 3d mink lashes & real mink lashes strip brand from scratch, this option is good way for you. So how to process it ? Your Customer place an order to you, and you forward the order to the dropshipper who packages and ships the order on your behalf. so now You should don’t have to worry about the stock, returns, or packaging. It’s all done for you. Yet it comes at a cost. Your margins will be slim and most probably there will be no Your branding on the eyelashes box packaging. It just be simply white label product with no name on it. Most of the dropshippers offer you to pay extra to have your label on your custom eyelashes packaging.

Madihah Trading by global air shipping.

Madihah Trading by global sea shipping.

2. Create Your Own Custom Eyelashes Packaging

Now that you picked your best 3d mink lashes vendors and cruelty free eyelash manufacturer, it’s time to create your own eyelash brand. The outside custom packaging boxes for mink eyelashes is pretty standard, what you need is a logo and graphic design For Outside Packing right ?  You can get all this for $5 on Fiverr, Yes, it can be that cheap. Also if you want free lable , You can tell that custom eyelash packaging vendors if they can help you make it if you want order the custom eyelashes packaging box from them, Yes, it is save more moeny for you , I think they can agree with it . do not worry about this , But before ordering your LOGO art work, Please get in touch with your custom eyelash packaging vendors or ask the private label mink lash suppliers requirements and dimension for the LOGO on box art work.

Madihah Trading supply free label logo art work.

Actually, we will be provide this free label LOGO art design working for you, if you select Madihah Trading Lashes. “Contact Us” to get our extra free services.

Madihah Trading empty eyelash boxes wholesale in china.

Madihah Trading wholesale custom eyelash packaging box in china.

We have roland printing machines imported from germany and other advanced equipment utilized in our UV printing lines, general printing lines and card boxes lines and pitted paper boxes lines.

We can provide you with various types of package technology including offset-printing grinding oils, partial UV, ice printing, offset printing flocking, water-borne light oil, hot stamping, embossing, and many others.

To ensure the qulaity of our products, QC team with more than 30 members use professional instruments such as color testers, comparession wear-resisting detectors, temperature detectors, moisture meansuring system and many others.

Madihah Trading provide the mink eyelashes dropshipping global business service for all customers: dropshipping the best 3d mink eyelashes to the lash manufacturers usa, dropshipping the 3d siberian mink lashes to the eyelash manufacturers uk, dropshipping the 3d mink eyelashes amazon items to the lash manufacturers south africa, dropshipping the 3d mink eyelashes ebay items to the eyelash manufacturers in india, dropshipping the 3d mink eyelashes aliexpress items to the official mink lashes instagram store and dropshipping the 3d mink lashes wish items to the custom lash manufacturers korea and so on country. there are total above 300 models in our best 3d mink eyelashes strip styles.

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